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The Grim Reaper Handbrake (Straight Stem version)

This machined hydro handbrake is named The Grim Reaper (Straight bottom stem version). Read below and you will understand…

It is a full 2 piece machined master piece that catches the eye of anyone looking at the interior of your vehicle and features the highest performance. This DeBerti hydraulic handbrake has been tested by the best drivers in the world. It's one thing to have the best performance but having the performance and the design that’s different than the rest of your buds is where our hydraulic handbrake surpasses any other on the market. This is the same as the original "Grim reaper, but has a different style stem on the bottom" all the points are exact from top to bottom.


  • Fully machined out of 6160 aluminum
  • 2 piece machined handbrake
  • Machined top handle
  • Machined lower stem
  • Machined clevis
  • Optional pass through master cylinder sizes (5/8″ or 3/4″)
  • Optional aluminum forged 11:1 ratio bracket (comes with master cylinder option)
  • Color options:
    • Anodized clear, polished aluminum or Billet hammertone
  • Stainless steel handle hardware
  • High quality shoulder bolts & hardware
  • 18'' tall handle

18" Handle with NO Master Cylinder or bracket option

This option is for those who want to replace that old basic handbrake in their rally car or drift car and slide in a statement that will stick out to anyone around at the track or at a show. Our handle is machined to fit the newest Wilwood brake handle mount ( it will fit most other applications, you may possibly just have to modify your bracket slightly). This also saves the cost of having to buy a whole new bracket and master cylinder because you may already have these. This will allow you to update your whole build but also be cost effective.

18” Handle with Pass Through Master Cylinder, 3/4” or 5/8“ diameter (Complete)
This option is great for a budget drift build since you don't need a second set of calipers and all the expense that goes along with it but still want your interior to look more badass than the high end drift cars at the track or meet. This master cylinder mounts in line with the rear brake line circuit, so when you pull the handle, it actuates the rear brake calipers while the front brakes are still free to operate normally.

WARNING* By using our hydraulic handbrake you promise to grab your friends a tissue when they see how badass it looks. When this handbrake is in your car, it’s a statement.
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