Carbon Fiber Splitter Support Rod


Looking to hold a body kit, wing or something else on your car? Check out our DeBerti USA made carbon fiber splitter rods..

The DeBerti carbon fiber splitter support rods are the strongest and are the best looking support rods on the market.

Our innovative design allows you to quickly adjust the length required for your application without unbolting the splitter rods due to having machined 6061 billet aluminum right and left hand thread followed with thick weaved carbon fiber to be as light and to accomplish maximum strength as possible. Our splitter support rods come with all stainless steel hardware to prevent rust and also to allow you to disassemble the rod end separately from our machined aluminum mounting clevis.

Our innovative design is different than any splitter support rod on the market. We take into account that these need to be easy to take apart in case of a catastrophe at the track or in case you need to pull off a bumper quickly. One last thing, our carbon fiber thick weave is pressed and adherded into our machine ribbed thread housing.

 DeBerti splitter rod specs:

  • Strongest on the market
  • Premimum stainless hardware
  • Machined in house in the USA
  • Big strand weaved carbon fiber
  • Machined pressed fitment
  • Best design on the market

These are sold as individuals. Meaning if you need a total of two splitter rods you will have to select the option below titled as "quantity options" and choose two. If you needed four, you would select four.


Our measurements are based off of end of clevis to end of clevis (Meaning mounting surface to mounting surface) our splitter rods have an extention of 1" from fully collapsed to fully extended to keep it the strongest. 


If you order our length option 8”-9" that means the fully collapsed length is 8” and the fully extended length is 9”. 

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