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Who are the DeBertis?


Who are the DeBertis?

The DeBerti's name goes back 25+ years of creating one-off, machined aluminum parts. Going from building and creating parts out of his home garage Doug DeBerti branched off and created a company named TRENZ which was built from nothing and exploded to over 6,000 part numbers. The family owned business specialized in creating accessories for all types of vehicles, racing, one off builds, all the way to an OEM standpoint. The DeBertis are currently in their second season of TwinTurbos with the Discovery Channel. TwinTurbos follows the DeBertis, showcasing their insane builds, custom parts, while also following Brad DeBerti's emerging racing career. In addition to the second season of TwinTurbos, MotorTrend has released a spin-off miniseries called "Spoolin' Up with the DeBertis," which follows the DeBertis behind the scenes of TwinTurbos, more insane projects, and the fun that the DeBertis have during the build process. You can watch new episodes of "Spoolin Up with The DeBertis" on the MotorTrend app.

Brad races many forms of racing like off-road, rally cross, NASCAR, drifting, and anything else he is able to get behind the wheel of. Recently the DeBertis relocated to Mooresville, North Carolina to reopen the family business building aluminium race parts. If you like high quality, machined accessories that are different than anything else out there you will enjoy what the DeBertis will be bringing to the market.