Throwing Star Billet YoYo

This is like no Yo-Yo on the market. This 2.5''Throwing Star Yo-Yo is fully machined out of a solid chunk of billet aluminum. This is the baby to the 4" machined DeBerti Bid Daddy Yo-Yo. It is manufactured in house right here in the USA and ready to make a statement of high quality, while delivering high precision aspects of Yo-Yo tricks, including sleeping the DeBerti billet Yo-Yo for over a minute!

If your looking for a crazy different gift or just want to wow your buds with something different, the DeBerti billet Yo-Yo won't let you down!

2.5" DeBerti billet Yo-Yo Specs

  • Fully machined 2.5" billet aluminum Yo-Yo.
  • Custom grooved 10 ball bearing for sleeping.
  • Response pads for quick return.
  • Machined throwing star holes cutting the air as the Yo-Yo is in full motion, also allowing the billet machined cuts to drop weight for highest performance.
  • Stainless steel cap nuts.
  • Machined finish.