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Wilwood Master Cylinder & Mount

This master cylinder can be used with a brake pedals, or handbrake. All of our machined handbrakes will fit these master cylinders and bracket. This comes as a kit, you will have a choice to order the pass through master cylinder in (5/8 or 3/4) or the stand alone master cylinder (5/8 or 3/4) depending on what set up you need.

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Wilwood’s new GS Compact Remote Master Cylinders are an all new rebuildable design featuring a high pressure die cast aluminum body with a protective e-coat finish. Remote cylinders feature a standard 7/16-20 threaded inlet. Internally, a refined return spring and piston assembly assures positive pressure control along with a quick and complete release. 

This bracket encases the master cylinder and will connect to your handbrake or brake pedal.  They are made out of a lightweight aluminum forged 11:1 ratio “H” beam, finished in a durable long lasting e-coat finish for corrosion resistance. It is also.

If you are wanting to to buy this as a kit to mount to one of our Machined handbrakes, please also order the Handbrake Clevis and hardware kit.