Who is Brad DeBerti?

فبراير 24, 2020

Who is Brad DeBerti?

Brad was raised with his brother Shane by the same rules from when their dad Doug was a kid. Nothing was free and if they wanted anything they either build it or work to get it. They had pretty strict rules as kids, with no video games, TV's, or phones. There was just pure hard work.

The boys worked daily on a little of everything, from remodeling houses, building bikes, trikes, fixing up cars, all the way to creating their own parts that sold to the whole world. Nothing was off limits, from car mirrors to wild inventions. They were always in competition with their dad Doug and he wouldn't let them win at anything. Fast forward about a decade and Brad had a once in a life time opportunity to jump in a race car. The race car happened to be a past moto champion Brian Deegan's. Brad took this opportunity very seriously. Brad drove the truck and honed his natural talent. Deegan took a liking to Brad and kept wanting him back in his truck, coaching Brad wherever he could. Brad practiced and took in every piece of advice he could from his coach, eventually entering into his first off-road race. This wasn't just any race, this was the Lucas Oil Off-road National. The best off-road drivers in the world competed in this race series.

Brad entered his first race with no sponsors, due to the fact that he was a rookie with no prior race history, while on used tires he was buying half price because he couldn't afford new. The opening race Brad qualifies 1st by over a second, and won his very first national race by over 4 seconds. Next day he had his second race, qualified first and won that race by over 5 seconds. The whole family was shocked because nobody knew Brad could race. They went home and Brad had many new contracts on the table for sponsors and his racing career took off in the blink of an eye.

Fast forward a couple years and Brad has won an off-road championship and also got NASCAR's rookie of the year. After racing for a few years, Brad wanted to switch things up. The opportunity came when the Discovery Channel wanted to create a TV show capturing the crazy moments that were happening with the family, their epic builds, and follow Brad's racing career more in depth. TwinTurbos is now in its 2nd season along with a spin-off miniseries on MotorTrend called "Spoolin Up with the DeBertis".

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