Santa Maria Speedway - Xtreme Speedway Tour Roll Over with Brad DeBerti

Early in the evening just prior to race time Brad was getting in a few practice runs. The truck was performing great; the initial runs were a little slow as Brad tried to figure out the track and dial things in.

After Brad and his talk through each run via mic’s, he began to fly around the track without an issue. In fact, the night looked like another walk in the park for Brad, when tragedy nearly derailed the young racing phenom. On his final lap, coming around the far turn, per Brads words “ I must have caught a rut”, the truck went air born, flipping side over side.

Onlookers gasped, but it was just another day on the track for Brad and his crew. Safety being paramount in their off-track training, Brad just followed what he’s practiced hundreds of times before.


Within seconds, he was out of his truck, inspecting the damage.

Below is some initial video of the truck being pulled back to its wheels with the help of track crew, and staff, as well as after photos.

Luckily for Brad, his crack team was able to survey the damage, make a few adjustments, and get him back in the nights races.

*I had just arrived, with camera still in the bag when the roll over happened, so we have no footage of it. Excuse the shakiness of the video, I just wanted to get some footage and didn't have time to get the monopod out. If you have any footage we'd love to see it.